A beautiful mess

如果只有兩年可以揮霍, 那就留給紐約吧!


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Pier 17


雖然說這麼冷的低溫不是沒碰過(據說Madison今天華氏零下十五度~.~), 可是如果可以不要碰到當然是最好。還好今天的雪只下了上午的幾小時, 中午之後就整個晴空萬里冷颼颼。但是寒冷的天氣並沒有澆熄觀光客的熱血(好像最熱血的都是我?!), 於是今天的行程如下。

1. Chelsea一帶random cafe早餐 (check)
2. 直奔Century 21購物 (check)
21世紀百貨公司還真是個好地方, 一下子就消磨掉一上午的時間。
3. Wall Street/Financial District漫步 (check)
午餐就在Financier解決, 真是可愛的一家店, 有機會下次再來。
4. 冷得要死還是硬要去South Street Seaport繼續逛 (check)
其實來這的目的只有一個, 就是A&F…
5. 冒著低溫還是去了碼頭邊拍拍照 (check)
6. 晚上去了midtown的鹿鳴春 (check)
用餐環境比chinatown的那家好多了, 但總覺得chinatown那家的口味比較好(跟陌生人擠在一起吃比較好吃?!)

寒流來襲著這天, 飛機開進哈德遜河的這天, 觀光客還是憑著意志力逛街逛了一天, 明天應該要去哪呢?!


Written by Katy Yen

January 16, 2009 at 00:18

3 Responses

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  1. haha~I like how you mentioned the plane crash, I thought it was a miracle how everyone was fine on the plane, props to the pilot!!


    January 16, 2009 at 15:16

  2. Madison is bitterly cold these days. What sucks the most is that I stood in the bitter cold for 30 minutes waiting for my bus to come. =(
    You must be happy that you left……


    January 16, 2009 at 15:28

  3. @Jen
    I know…he’s amazing! I guess he’s probably the second biggest hero in the country after Obama…

    totally…I hate wind chill…I hope you stay warm in this bloody weather…

    Katy Yen

    January 16, 2009 at 18:29

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