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Jen visiting

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Jen came visit Wisconsin last weekend, finally!!

After I moved to midwest for almost two years, my ex-roomie, Jen,finally came visit me. Not that we haven’t seen each other for a while, we see each other pretty often actually, like twice a year for some unknown reason.

Anyways, since this is her first time visiting here, we went to many places that I thought worth seeing like Chicago, Milwaukee and such. We didn’t really plan out what we’re gonna do, so we kinda end up doing a series of random things.

1. Go bowling on Friday night and go for drink with Daniel afterwards. (Jen and Daniel became nose-picking buddy after this)


My real name is Jennifer

2. Walking along Capital Square and having a morning coffee meet-up with Daniel again=). (This is actually great ‘coz I got to use some of Daniel’s gear and took bunch of nice pics=P)


-@ Barriques coffee trader

3. Driving down to Chicago.
We drove down to Chicago to meet up with her brother, Wayne, and he kinda gave us a tour of Chicago downtown. (We actually just walked along the North Michigan Ave. and stayed in the Millennium Park for like 10 mins–>not really a tourisy tour I guess!) Personally, I think the best part if this trip in Chicago is the Korean BBQ buffet. Don’t exactly remember the name of the resturant, but it’s like you need to take lakeshore drive and exit on Lawance or something (just for future reference).

-Jen and her friend from college, Howard.

The Li family
-The Li family (at Korean BBQ dinner–>sooo good!)

4. Driving to Milwaukee to meet up with another friend, Jane.
This is actually my second time meeting her, and she is such an energetic person I’ve ever met. We went to Milwaukee Art Museum, which is a pretty cool building, so I asked Jen to do some poses that I could take pics. Actually, I asked her to run and jump=P I guess we made too much noise by doing that, and we are also afraid that the security guard would come to us so after doing that for about 15 mins, we left (to avoid some embarrassing situation=P). After we left, Daniel and Scott joined us, and we went to Miller Brewery but it was closed. Later on, we had dinner with Christina whom I haven’t seen for a while.

Picture with Dexter
-they are taking pic w/ Dexter,who is on the phone background pic.


Taiwanese style posture
-pic taken by Scott

-Jen and Christina. I can’t believe this is the first time meet each other, they look so good together=P

5. Last day of Jen’s visiting. Going to Lazy Jane’s for breakfast, and walking around the Union/terrace.



It is really nice to have Jen around and she is such a camera person–> not afraid of cameras and willing to do what you ask her to=) Also, she is one of those few people who would actually asks you for camera ‘coz she wants to take pics of you as well! So, I decide when Jen gets married I will go take tons of pics at her wedding…hehe… I hope I will see you some time soon ar, Jennifer!! Hope your interview goes well!!


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January 9, 2007 at 22:37

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  1. hehe~thanks for this post ah~I’m so touched(tears falling down now XD)
    and of course I’m willing to take pix of u~dood~otherwise u’d never show up in pix~cuz u r always taking pix of others!
    about the wedding ah, I thought u were gonna sit down and enjoy the wedding. You should invite daniel as ur date and so he can take the pix! puhahahaha

    you should totally post the pic by the lake and tell people about the mouse story….I think I just puked a bit in my mouth thinking about that…


    January 9, 2007 at 22:51

  2. @Jen
    haha…well, after I give it a thought, I think I’ll just take tons of pics at ur wedding since it’s your wedding and you are the one who is supposed to enjoy it. Why should I enjoy your wedding? It sounds kinda awkward, right? But, whatever, we’ll see then…
    As to the mouse story, I have no idea ar…since I’d never see it…not to say that I’d have a pic of it…keep it to youself…hehe….


    January 11, 2007 at 23:10

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