A beautiful mess

如果只有兩年可以揮霍, 那就留給紐約吧!


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Now I know…

The most difficult part of the whole study abroad thing is to say goodbye. Today I met up with a friend, and we had a long chat. In fact, that was a really long chat seriously. We met up at 1ish and hung out til 7ish. It’s like almost six hours of talk including changing places three times since some cafes close early on Sundays. That was a pretty good talk actually, although I’ve only hung out with her for twice or three times. She’s like those kinda people who can easily share her life with you and makes you feel comfortable during the conversation, which might explain why I can have such a long talk with her even though we don’t actually hang out that much

After the long talk in the cafe, we exchanged address and stuff with each other like we will at least have a way to contact in the future. Well, this is also the part I hate most. Sometimes you are not sure if this is the last time you see this person. So that’s it?! He or she is just gonna disppear in the rest of your life? I hope not, maybe we’ll still be able to meet up at some point.

Well, just wanna say that I treasure every friend I’ve ever had, but this feeling still sucks!


Written by katyyen

December 10, 2006 at 18:02

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